IEC61427 certification of 48V100Ah Lithium battery pack.

ECOPOWER Group has successfully acquire IEC61427 certification of 48V100Ah Lithium battery pack.摄图网-带有绿勾的图章_副本.jpg

The certification of IEC61427 has been accomplished from 1st Sep to 12th Oct, the exactly certification code is IEC61427-2:2015.

International Electrotechnical commission is a global standard organization which contains IEC organization from all countries. This certification provided general data which required by the rechargeable battery which is applied to the solar photovoltaic energy system. It has defined the special operation condition of the rechargeable battery inside the PV system. The PV system which configured with the battery pack which certified by this standard can provide constant, flexible or periodic power supply. The connected equipments could be pump, refrigerators, illumination system, communication system, etc. Regarding as the self-sustaining time, the design of the battery requires providing a certain time of power supply, usually it shall be 3 days to 15 days without sunlight. The design of the battery also needs to be testified by following few points: a.)Nominal Capacity b.)Cycle life C.)SOC retention d.)Solar usage