Zhangbei to host world's largest solar power project

It is reported that the government of Zhangbei County and the Hebei New Power Development Company, a subsidiary of GD Power Development Co., have reached a contractual agreement to establish the largest solar power project in world history there in Zhangbei. Once established, the total outcome of this solar power plant will reach 200 megawatts.

Solar power has already become an essential part of China's strategy for sustainable development, and is also key to Zhangbei county’s plans to develop its economy. The sunshine in Zhangbei is abundant and its duration is quite long. The total sum of radiation measured there can peak at 5860 mega joules per year, while 2994.7 hours’ radiation can be used, making Zhangbei an ideal place to develop the solar power plant. To speed up the development of solar energy resources, the county continues to consolidate its position as the leading industry of wind power bases and diversify its way of developing into a more comprehensive strategy, relying on multiple energy sources to continue to strengthen the development of solar and wind power and attract investment.

World history's largest solar power project by Zhangbei county and GD Power Development Co., will be located in Gonghui town, covering 9.25 square kilometers. The project consists of 2 major solar power plants, which can produce up to 200 megawatts, and the cost for this program reaches 3.6 billion RMB. The design and installation of the testing equipment is projected to finish before this July, and a one-year timeframe is scheduled for testing the amount of radiation in this area. After the testing period, construction will begin. The world’s largest solar power plant, coupled with a wind power plant already there, will help accomplish the goal of developing an energy-saving, emission-reducing, green-energy, and low-carbon economy.