The Battery Show Europe got successful

The Battery Show Europe, Stuttgart, May 7-9.2019


As repid development market of electric vehicles, energy storage, micro grid, portable back up power, European customers in transportation industry, power industry and even medical industry.etc are all benefit from Lithium Renewable Technologies. The application in europe region now is quite mature and also be in leading position of the whole world. In order to serve our customers better and catch their needs more sensitive, we paticipated in The Battery Show Europe, Stuttgart, May 7-9.

Stuttgard is in the center area of Europe, it brings many different customers who comes from all directions. The exhibition has lasted for three days which dedicate to provide professional battery technology. Eco Power has also invited customers from Europe, North America, India and other area.

During the exhibition, we have showed our products:

Lithium Cell and modules

Standard Battery Pack for bus and truck

Home Energy Storage System

Multiple drive beach buggy

We have consilidated our existing partnerships and successfully build relationship with a large number of new inquiries from different countries. Customers are very impressive with our products and technologies, especially our standard battery pack. It has solid more of our international market and bring greater success.