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TUV SÜD awarded ECO POWER domestic test automotive power battery ECE R100 certificate

On January 10, 2019, Shanghai TUV SUD, the world's leading third-party testing and certification organization, issued the ECE R100 certificate for domestic testing of new energy vehicle power battery items for ECO POWER. The acquisition of this certificate marks that the safety performance of our battery products is at the leading level in the domestic industry, and can meet the technical requirements of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe for automotive new energy power batteries. At the same time, TUV SUD, a third-party testing and certification organization, has a professional technical ability, rich experience and localized authority service team in the field of new energy vehicles.

In recent years, with the popularization of electric vehicles, not only the scope and number of applications are expanding, but also the energy of single batteries of electric vehicles is getting higher and higher. The continuous explosion of lithium battery safety accidents has also made people pay more and more attention to the safety of lithium batteries. In response to the safety of electric vehicle batteries, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe's Article 100 Regulation “Special requirements for structural and functional safety for battery-powered electric vehicle certification” has increased technical access to imported European automotive power batteries. threshold. The ECO POWER, which has been awarded the ECE R100 certificate, is a domestically tested and ECE R100 certified power battery. It will be installed on the Hungarian garbage truck produced by SAIC and will enter the international market together with the whole vehicle.

The cooperation between TUV SUD and ECO POWER includes the first factory audit and product type certification. TUV SUD's meticulous and standardized service runs through the entire process of factory audit, product testing and certificate application. It has developed a detailed test plan for ECO POWER and provided comprehensive technical support and test solutions. Regardless of the testing, results analysis and review of the report materials, TUV SUD always strictly follows the technical requirements of the regulations and strives for perfection, which continues the rigorous work style of German companies, and the United Nations Automotive Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Shanghai) To help ECO POWER successfully obtain the domestic test ECE R100 certificate.

Mr. Dirk Hinzpeter, Director of Automotive Services at TUV SUD Greater China, said, “TUV SUD Automotive Services is one of the traditional services of TUV SUD since its establishment 150 years ago. It has an authoritative team of experts, rich practical experience and always insists on the most advanced in Europe. The introduction of safety concepts and technologies into China will help domestic companies enhance the core values of their products and jointly promote the development of new energy vehicles in China."

As an industry-leading third-party testing and certification organization, TUV SUD has more than 100 years of experience in German automotive safety engineering, and has a comprehensive understanding of national regulations, guidelines and standards, and is committed to providing safe, high-quality, sustainable solutions. It can provide one-stop technical service solutions for new energy vehicles, such as new energy vehicles, batteries, charging piles, and automotive battery components.

About ECE R100

The ECE automotive technical regulations established by UN/WP29 are currently the most influential automotive technology regulations in the world, not only adopted by the parties to the 1958 Agreement, but also by many non-1958 Agreement parties. And adoption. UNECE R100 is Article 100 of the “Regulations on the special requirements for structural and functional safety for battery-powered electric vehicle certification”.

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