China Lithium Battery Equipment Industry Report 2016-2020

China Lithium Battery Equipment Industry Report 2016-2020 - Research and Markets

In 2015, the Chinese lithium battery equipment market ushered in a high-speed development period, with the full-year market size surging 150.83% to RMB12.2 billion, of which China-made equipment accounted for 68.3%. It is expected that during 2016-2020 China's lithium battery equipment market will grow at an average annual rate of 33%, to RMB54.4 billion till 2020, which would be mainly propelled by the rapid growth of lithium battery, especially of power lithium battery.

Fuelled by a surge in the output of new energy vehicles, the demand for power lithium battery in China grew 169.8% year on year to 15.9Gwh in 2015. We project that the demand will keep an AAGR of 46% to 118.3GWh by 2020.

At present, lithium battery equipment is mainly used to manufacture power lithium batteries and lithium batteries for consumer electronics and energy storage. Specifically, the power lithium battery equipment boasts the largest market size, at RMB7 billion in 2015, occupying 55.9%. And this proportion is expected to rise to 78% by 2020.

The report mainly deals with the following:

Policy environment, market size, product mix, competitive landscape, and development trends of lithium battery equipment in China;

Development of lithium battery equipment product segments in China (including coater, laminating machine, winding machine, and Pack equipment);

Corporate competition and development of global and Chinese lithium battery market;

Development of lithium batteries for consumer electronics, energy storage and power battery as well as demand for lithium battery equipment in China;

Operation and development in China of 4 global lithium battery equipment companies;

Operation, development strategies, etc. of 15 Chinese lithium battery equipment enterprises.

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