Welcome to visit ECO POWER Group Home Page. ECO POWER Group is a worldwide lithium technology corporation to provide stationary and mobile energy storage system and components. ECO POWER Group deliver solar Panels, Lithium Ion Batteries, lithium based energy storage system and a variety of energy storage components. We also provide customized battery system with BMS by ECO POWER Group Technology. Our technology’s goal is to offer the public the ideal power solution with ecological and economical efficiency. Most of our patents, battery technology and power integrations are based on prismatic Lithium Ion Batteries and cylindrical batteries. Our batteries gain the advantages of high energy density, Dependable cycle-life, wide operating temperature range, fast charge function and multiple independent safety tests. The batteries have already been mass production and will go through a fairly strict quality inspection before they are delivered to our customers. 
Technology from the user feeling
Our ISystem design and improved comes with the experience of thousands of installed systems. Within every unit, we try to use the newest technology for highest cost save and maximum life span.
The appropriate size of energy storage for any need or time
Each household’s energy requirements is specific and different, and we developed this multi-storage system which can be adapted to the most diverse energy needs. With energy size ranging from 5KWh to more than 100KWh, ISystem can power a detached house, company office or even a small factory. No matter when you need more power, if you can just simply adding a new battery module and use together with the old ones.
High quality components which guarantee the quality
We provide a complete system ready for connection (Plug & Play). This means we got everything inside the system, but not only the batteries. Inverters, EMS and software to operate it all smoothly integrated all in one handy box. As for the core part of the system, Batteries, we are using Lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) which can be charging & discharging for thousands of cycles and also is the only lithium battery type without any toxic heavy metals
We believe that we can make you generate clean energy at home economically.
Would you like to join the big new energy family, just pick up the phone or send us a email.


Devote to green energy, and aim to be a world class company with creativity, competitiveness and sustainability.

Provide platform for staff, create value for customer and benefit society with technology innovation.

Quality Policy
Quality is life, service is key. Exceed customer expectation with continuous improvements.

Environment Policy
Environmental conscious, clean production, energy efficient and all members’ participation.

Safety Policy
People oriented, stay safe and healthy, prevention conscious and manage with science.

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