We are not just a battery or battery system provider, the service we offer to you is intelligent energy control that automatically adjusts the energy usage in your house. With solar panel, ISystem will enable you to supply yourself with clean energy which may even make you out of requirements of Grid Electricity in the future.

Long Life-Span
With smart energy storage system, ISystem enable our customer expend the entire system capacity by themselves and use new battery pack together with old battery pack.

Safe Performance
Lithium iron phosphate batteries (LFP), the safest lithium battery technology at present, are used within our system. You can just put it in any place of your house.

Save Money
With Germany technology and Chinese manufacturing, we can offer you attractive purchase price and short payback periods. We will try our best to be your most economic access to clean power.

Our 48V Telecom UPS is a high-tech storage system which can be randomly combined with standard 48V100Ah module into 48V300Ah, 48V1000Ah or 48V2000Ah, etc. Every 48V100Ah module can operate individually or together with other modules. Remote monitoring and control system is optional. This telecom UPS has already be widely applied in many locations around the whole world.

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Eco Power Group was founded in 2011 which is a leading company specialized in New Energy Storage System Design and Manufacture. Our company's business section covers lithium ion battery, battery module, Household intelligent ESS, Telecom UPS, etc. Eco Power has been rapid developed since establishment, and we are respectively working with technical partners and distribution partners in Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Australia and other local agents’ corporation.

We are also the first one which develop compatible energy storage system with LFP battery pack, LTO battery pack and NCM battery pack. Our ESS can also be compatible with different capacity battery pack with 48 voltage platform which can make the customer using old battery pack and new battery pack together, thus will help ESS user save a large amount of cost.
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Our Commercial Center is located in Nanjing City, and the production facility is located in Hefei City which was established by May 2011. 

We produce large format lithium ion battery system for electronic vehicle, Telecom UPS and Household energy storage application.

Our independent developed LFP&NCM lithium ion battery and HESS has already passed certification for many countries.